Cinemalaya 2010’s “Rekrut” tackles war during Marcos Regime in the 60’s

From one of the established names in the advertising and movie industries, Danny Añonuevo, comes a movie of courage and brotherhood.

“Rekrut” follows the journey of twelve young men as they undergo grueling challenges in the hope of being proud Filipino soldiers in Mindanao during the Marcos Regime of the 60’s.

“Rekrut” tells a story about how this group recruited soldiers forms a brotherhood that is bound by courage, hope and love forgotten as each of them wage their greatest war; A battle against themselves.

Their intense military training brings them closer and yet, the very officers who made them into soldiers will put this bond to the ultimate test.

“Rekrut” is one of the 10 official entries in the Full Length Feature Film category of the 6th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival happening on July 9 to 18, 2010.

The entry promises to be an action-packed war film with tons of ‘barako’ all throughout. Actually, Añonuevo’s movie is on the tip of everyone’s tongue and all abuzz in the local showbiz industry because of one titillating scene where the actors are filmed “skinny-dipping.”

The film showcases the acting talents of Emilio Garcia, Joem Bascon, JM de Guzman, Eduardo Orgel Jr. Alwyn Uytingco, CJ Ramos, Alchris Galura, Dominic Roco, Manuel Chua Jr. Rob Sy, Nar Cabico, Acey Aguilar, Meko Buenaventura, Diomar Dyanco, Archi Adamos with the special participation of Maxene Magalona and Rich Asuncion.

“Rekrut” marks the film directorial debut of Danny Añonuevo, who’s an award-winning film editor. He was the editor of films like ‘Baler’, ‘Ded Na Si Lolo’, ‘Crying Ladies’, ‘La Visa Loca’, ‘Banal’ and ‘Ploning.’


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