Boy Abunda’s conversations with God!


Boy Abunda

Boy Abunda

I am personally happy for Boy Abunda.  There’s no doubt that he is S-U-C-C-E-S-S personified.  In showbiz lingo, “bonggang-bongga” ang career niya at malayong-malayo na ang narating niya kaya halos “hindi na siya maabot”!

On the contrary, Boy is the most humble and approachable success that I know. He does not distance himself from friends of long standing.

Boy and me go a long, long way back.  During his Metropolitan Theater days as PR of Conching Sunico, I was a stage manager of Teatro Pilipino under National Artist for Theater Rolando Tinio with Ed Cabagnot (now CCP Department Head for Films), Mars Cavestany, Rollie de Leon, Dina Ofrancia, Danny Mandia, Ankie Frilles, Albert Licad, Anton Juan and many others.

On free nights, Boy, Mars, Frank Mallo , Isah Red, George Vail Kabristante, Tony Aguilar and me converged at Winchell’s Donuts located across Nation’s Cinerama right where Gateway Mall is now.  It was the most strategic place, being very near to the editorial offices of Jingle Clan of  Publications for which we used to write.  We talked about anything showbiz, dissected recent films and discussed about current issues.  In a way, it was Boy’s “initiation” into showbiz-oriented talk show hosting.

As the King of Talk, Boy has interviewed not only showbiz celebrities and public service personalities but also ordinary people from all walks of life. From the lay people he gets the pulse of his mass-based audience.

But guess whom does he privately and intimately converse with the most frequently?  G-O-D!

Boy talks to God every night before he goes to dreamland.  He has so much to thank God for. “I ask Him, What did I do right to deserve Your kindness to me?  You know who and what I am and yet, why do You love me so much?”.


ART 2 ART—recipient of back-to-back Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA) as the Best Educational Radio Program and the 2010 Golden Dove award as Best Radio Program for Arts and Culture—ushers in 2011 with more episodes focusing on interesting personalities from various art disciplines.

Hosted by prima ballerina Lisa Macuja and produced by the Manila Broadcasting Company, Art 2 Art is aired nationwide every Sunday, 3:30 to 4 p.m., on dzRH (666 khz on the AM band). It can also be accessed simultaneously on the Internet through the website and viewed on RHTV via Cablelink cable television’s Channel 9.

Airing on January 2 is the episode featuring multi-awarded author Jose “Butch” Dalisay who will talk about the discipline of writing, his pen collection and his advice to budding writers. Since 1984, Dalisay has published over twenty books, six of which have received the National Book Award from the Manila Critics Circle. He has won sixteen Palanca Awards in five categories and was elevated to the Palanca Hall of Fame in 2000. Currently, he teaches English and Creative Writing at the UP College of Arts and Letters in Diliman, where he is also the director of the UP Institute of Creative Writing. Dalisay is also a newspaper columnist.

On January 9, Art 2 Art welcomes publisher Jun Matias, co-founder of Precious Pages Corporation which is behind the bestselling Tagalog romance pocketbooks under its Precious Hearts Romances label. With him is Martha Cecilia, one of the company’s bestselling authors who penned the long-running novel series Kristine which has also been airing on television. Jun relates the humble beginnings of Precious Pages in 1992 and how it has since grown, now coming out with over 25 romance novels every month, and even expanded into publishing children’s books. Martha Cecilia meanwhile shares her inspirations for writing romance stories and the elements that make them click with Filipino readers.


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