Chanel Latorre: Reaching new heights as an actress!


Chanel Latorre

Everything’s coming up roses for indie actress Chanel Latorre!  In less than a year, she is able to achieve many things which only a determined newcomer like her could ever do!

Take these:  She was picked from almost a hundred aspirants from Asia as the title-roler in the first full-length feature of Hongkong-based American filmmaker of short films for children, Craig Addison.  Titled “WanChai Baby”, the said film is about a Pinay domestic helper who ran away from her American master’s apartment when the latter got murdered.

“WanChai Baby” was shot in its entirety in Hongkong in the district where beleaguered Filipino congessman Ronald Singson was tried and sentenced to one-and-a-half years imprisonment for some drug offense.

When Chanel came home, it was only to do an indie suspense-drama film “Rindido” directed by Noriel Jarito and which was included in the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival”Salute to Pinoy Indies”.

Another surprise offer came from no less than the internationally acclaimed Pinoy filmmaker Brillante Mendoza for her to portray a lifestyle writer who was among local and international tourists taken hostage by the Abu Sayyaf terrorists.  For Chanel, her inclusion in the formidable cast of a Cannes Filmfest-bound film project, tentatively titled “PREY”, was a realization of a dream to hit the international film landscape!  It also afforded her the chance to work with French acting icon Isabelle Huppert who was twice proclaimed Cannes Best Actress:  for “Violette” and “The Piano Teacher” and who is looked up to as France’s answer to Hollywood’s Meryl Streep!

I stumbled upon some scribbled thoughts of Chanel about herself and her dreams which revealed her being adventurous and willing to explore new horizons and learn new things.  Says she:  “I like trying anything and everything at least once (as long as God won’t hate me for it!).  I like surprising people…even myself when I do so.

“I finished a nursing course from UST and was supposed to enter medical school three years ago, underwent military and martial arts training but I discovered a safer alternative of trying/experimenting something new:  film acting.

As an artist, I want to earn acting awards and be appreciated for my performance.  I want to try any role–the more challenging, the better…something that has never been done before.

I want to portray Snooky Serna in her biopic.  I think her life is a checkered one and is a litmus acting test for any actress!

I also want to portray Madame Bovary–escaping banalities of a boring life through immoral
and pretentious means.  A double life!

I also want to breathe life to a woman disguised as a man, tapos mabubuko as a woman.  Could be the leader of a syndicate or a gang, a drug pusher who gets nabbed and tortured.

I also want to portray a persone who has lived like an animal — unglamorous and true of some patients in the mental hospital who are treated like animals and in the process get to adapt some animal traits!


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