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Ang Nawawala (What Isn’t There)

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Ang Nawawala (What Isn't There)

Gibson Bonifacio stopped speaking as a child. He is now twenty years old, returning to Manila from his studies abroad, his first visit home in three years. He finds his family trying to keep it together, his mother still hurting from a tragic loss in the past. In the backdrop of the vibrant local music scene, his childhood best friend reaches out to him, and he finds a chance at his first real romantic relationship. Amidst the holidays, Gibson reconsiders and redefines his relationships with his family, his friends, and with himself.

Awards Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival 2012 Finalist (New Breed Full-Feature Category)

Starring Dominic Roco, Felix Roco, Annicka Dolonius, Alchris Galura, Mercedes Cabral, Kelvin Yu, Jenny Jamora, Marc Abaya, Sabrina Man with Mr. Boboy Garrovillo and Ms. Dawn Zulueta

Directed By Marie Jamora

Written By Marie Jamora & Ramon De Veyra

Screenplay By Marie Jamora & Ramon De Veyra

Produced By Marie Jamora, Bernard Dacanay, Trinka Lat, Daphne O. Chiu & John Sy


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an entry to the 2012 director’s showcase of cinemalaya. written by zig dulay, directed by lawrence fajardo, stars bangs garcia, wendy valdez, art acuna, susan africa, nor domingo, jake macapagal and nico antonio. with the special particiaption of john lapus. july 2012.

Lawrence Fajardo

Director of POSAS
Lawrence Fajardo

“Bagong Hari”: A lost gem of a film retrieved, March 12 at CCP!

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Mario O’Hara’s “Bagong Hari”, filmed in 1985 to launch Dan Alvaro to action stardom will finally be screened at the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Tanghalang Manuel Conde on Saturday, March 12, 2pm. as part of the ongoing series “Overlooked Films, Underrated Filmmakers” by the Society of Filipino Archivists for Film (SOFIA).

The film starred Dan Alvaro, Robert Arevalo, Joel Torre, Carmi Martin, Perla Bautista, ElviraManahan (her first and last film!), Celso Ad. Castillo, Ruel Vernal and other supports.

I chanced upon this rave review of “Bagong Hari” by Jojo Devera in Sari-Saring Sineng Pinoy.  May I quote:  “Bagong Hari (Cineventures, Inc.) is the picture by which all other films of 1986 is measured.  The film is director Mario O’Hara’s best work showcasing a very exciting performance by Dan Alvaro.  Blessed with a good physique and strong features, his characterization of Addon, the cunning street fighter caught in a political power struggle, is memorable for its raw power.  He is competent in scenes that call for bone breaking fist fights as well as scenes that require toned down emotions.  Underneath a cool exterior, the sheer energy expelled by Alvaro in the film’s vicious fight scenes takes the notion of acting with sincere cruelty to a new ecstatic high.

In ‘Bagong Hari’, Addon becomes the symbol of social rage.  He is an angry young man fighting for survival in a community that lives by the gun, where power bestows the privilege of abuse on a select few.  In Addon’s chaotic world, the police are no longer friends but foes in the service of corrupt officials.  Addon is introduced as a diligent riverboat worker with simple pleasures except for Isagani Labrador (Robert Arevalo), his politically well-connected father.  Addon’s world revolves pretty much around his environment in the slums.

When his mother (Perla Bautista) falls ill, the need for money to settle a huge hospital bill forces Addon into a criminal mission that puts him at odds with the town’s political kingpins.  Because of his skill at weapons, he is admired by the powers that be.  In the process, his combat achievements earn the wrath of the Governor Nenuca Lailles’ (Elvira Manahan) murderous son, Rex (Joel Torre).  Suddenly, he finds himself a pawn in the fight between two warring parties for the governor’s office. At one point, he is forced to shoot his father, who had been branded as an opportunist by the enemy camp.  To cover up the crime, Addon is ordered salvaged but the plan fails.  Addon escapes eventually destroying his opponents by fist, gun and knife!

Director Mario O’Hara and screenwriter Frank G. Rivera have created a fresh character who has neither the wealth nor the influence to assert social control but who has the ability to define his terms against those who trample his domain.

‘Bagong Hari’ is difficult not to like.  It has some of the most haunting images in recent movie memory.  One of the film’s most striking compositions shows Addon burying his mother by the roadside, owing to their poor state.  As he digs a hole in the ground, the camera shows the city lights glittering like gems in the distance.  This particular image is one of the film’s most interesting allusions to the idea of the city as agent of seduction and death, the city lures people on the promise of financial gain only to leave them in poverty and despair.

The use of such expressive images is the key to the film’s effectivity.  Mario O’Hara’s direction is outstanding.  His clever use of environment, particularly the riverbank dwellings and the ice factory which he turns into a visual maze is highly effective in creating feelings of fear and suspense.

For sheer visual excitement, ‘Bagong Hari’ is hard to match.  One gets the impression that both ‘Condemned’ and ‘Bulaklak Sa City Jail’ (two O’Hara pictures from 1984) were just sketches in preparation for this thriller.

The cinematography by brothers Johnny and Romulo Araojo is superb.  Antonio Aguilar’s music is imaginatively absorbing and the film’s editing is just brilliant.  To pass judgment on ‘Bagong Hari’ for the sheer aspect of its violence is unfortunate.  Considering its unique qualities and taking its story and direction as a whole, the film merits serious consideration even from the most discriminating Filipino moviegoer.”

Will Ernie Garcia soon become the Philippines’ answer to America’s Tom Jones?

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Actor-singer-visual artist Ernie Garcia is lately having his hands full with assignments.  The week after his pre-Valentine concert at Richmonde Hotel he got a call from GMA-7 and was told to report to the story conference of a new teleserye, “My Lover, My Wife”.  After another week, he was already in the Kapuso studio taping the first episode!

“My Lover, My Wife”, featuring Maxene Magalona, Luis Alandy, Nadine Samonte and Marco Alcaraz, is being directed by Joselito Altarejos.  Ernie plays supportive and understanding father to Maxene.

The singer-actor is now gathering materials for a new album.  Upon the advice of Repertory Philippines’ stage director Freddie Santos, Ernie intends to record songs along the beat and rhythm of the R&B, country and rock-and-roll hits by Tom Jones, the Grammy award-winning international recording artist from South Wales.

“I must say it’s a brilliant idea!”, quips Ernie.  “Until now, we still don’t have an established local Tom Jones clone.  Tom Jones is such a marvelous performer with a powerful voice!  I like his style.  I  used to open my concert repertoire with his ‘Kiss’ complete with the signature Tom Jones bumps and grinds!”

Freddie Santos was Ernie’s buddy at Repertory when he appeared in stage plays many years back, shuttling between Rep and Teatro Pilipino under National Artist for Theater Rolando Tinio.
He was the one who conceptualized Ernie’s February concert which had for a theme “love in different languages.

Ernie is contemplating to avail of the songwriting skills of TV host-comedian Joey de Leon.  “I like Joey’s contemporary danceable songs with sexy and naughty lyrics”, says Ernie.

But does Joey still have time to compose new songs, what with his daily shows and travels?

“Well, I can settle for his old compositions as long as they fall under Tom Jones’ category!  Pero ‘wag naman ‘yong lumang-luma”, Ernie says.

Would he mind being called a “Tom Jones copycat”?

“I wouldn’t mind at all.  That’s what I really want to become!”, seriously replies Ernie.


The special screening of Mario O’Hara’s 1985 masterpiece “Bagong Hari” starring Dan Alvaro in the title role scheduled last Saturday, March 5, at the Tanghalang Manuel Conde of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, was called off due to some power supply problem caused by a busted transformer.  All the establishments and offices within the CCP Complex were affected.

All shows scheduled for that day were cancelled.  “ZsaZsa Zaturnnah…Ze Musikal..Back with a Vengeance!” which was supposed to play at 3pm and 8pm had to be cancelled too.  Chris Millado, the musical’s director was at the gate personally saying “Sorry!” to the guests.

O’Hara came very early, and so did Alvaro.  His niece Glaiza de Castro was already on the way to the venue with her parents, brother Alchris Galura and family. Lance Raymundo (who playedEmilio Aguinaldo in O’Hara’s Cinemalaya film ‘Ang Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio’) also came very early to give Direk Mario O’Hara some moral support.  Media practitioners Art Tapalla, Alwyn Ignacio, Noel Mallonga, UPFI’s Nonoy Lauzon and many others also came only to be told about the postponement.

“Bagong Hari” screening has been rescheduled on March 12, 2pm, Saturday.


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First-of-its-kind collaborative project using EMC technology solutions to help store, protect and manage CCP’s complete audio-visual archive                     dating back as far back as 1970


MAKATI CITY, Philippines – 02 March 2011 – EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, and the Cultural Center of the Philippines(CCP) today announced the launch of a nationwide digitization project to convert and integrate CCP’s entire audio-visual collection of Philippine arts and culture into digital and emergent forms, for the preservation of the nation’s treasures for the use of future generations to come.

The digitization project will involve storing, protecting, managing and making accessible on EMC information infrastructure systems CCP Library’s vast collection of national, cultural and historical materials which currently consists approximately 40,000 hours of audio, 30,000 hours of tapes from its film archive, 6,500 photos, 28,000 photographic slides and at least 56,000 manuscripts of literary works. Part of its program is to also digitally capture 1,500 art and 1,500 historical pieces for future content migration.

“Poetry, film, music, visual art and expressions of humanity are all part of a country’s national, cultural and historical heritage and, yet, many of these critical documents and cultural artifacts are at risk of disappearing without the right information infrastructuresystems,” say David Webster, President of EMC in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.  “EMC recognizes and supports the protection of such important heritage of the Philippines for the enjoyment and appreciation of future generations of Filipinos.”

In supporting CCP’s vision and far-sightedness on the importance of preserving the nation’s heritage, EMC has been closely collaborating with the CCP team and providing the necessary EMC products and technologies, including training support, to start the project.

”EMC’s collaboration with CCP is a natural fit with our core business and expertise around storing, protecting and managing critical digital information assets,” say Ronnie Latinazo, Country Manager of EMC Philippines. “It has been a rewarding challenge to help CCP create a virtual and interactive environment to make information on Philippines’ rich cultural past available and accessible to everyone. This is EMC’s way of giving back to the community after having operated in the Philippines for the past 10 years.”

The CCP was established by the late President Ferdinand Marcos in 1969 through Executive Order No. 30 to preserve Filipino arts and culture, as well as promote the development and appreciation of national arts and culture. Over the years, the documentation of cultural performances and growing repository of materials from other art forms were accumulated to provide entertainment and educational materials to the public.

“We commend EMC’s generosity and dedication as a responsible corporate citizen. CCP is honored to be a beneficiary of this digital preservation initiative. It shows EMC’s spirit and vision of making technology a vital tool in building a better Philippines and outstanding Filipinos. This partnership will benefit not only this generation but the youth of the future as well,” said Dr. Raul Sunico, President, Cultural Center of the Philippines.


About EMC

EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) is the world’s leading developer and provider ofinformation infrastructure technology and solutions that enable organizations of all sizes to transform the way they compete and create value from their information. Information about EMC’s products and services can be found at

Brillante Mendoza film, inaabangan!

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Brillante Mendoza

Brillante Mendoza


 Isabelle Huppert

Isabelle Huppert and Chanel Latorre and others cast of "PREY"

Tapos na tapos na ang principal photography ng “Prey”, ang latest film project ng internationally acclaimed Filipino filmmaker na si Brillante Mendoza.  Kinunan ito sa apat na lugar:  Batangas, Quezon, Rizal sa South at (Subic) Zambales sa North.

Ang “Prey” ay tumatalakay sa mga hostage-taking incidents ng mga local at foreign tourists ng Abu Sayyaf. Pinaka-peg ng kuwento ang madramang nangyari sa Dos Palmas Resort sa Palawan mga ilang taon na ang nakakaraan.  The script is written by Boots Agbayani Pastor based on various researches, interviews.  Mismong si Direk Brillante Mendoza ay nagpunta sa Mindanao para magsaliksik!

The cast of “Prey” is an assemblage of top actors from the movies, television and theater.  Headlining the cast is French acting icon Isabelle Huppert who was twice proclaimed Cannes Filmfest Best Actress for her performances in “Violette” (1978) and “The Piano Teacher” (2001). She is considered “France’s counterpart of America’s Meryl Streep” in terms of acting capacity and various roles played onscreen.

Kasama rin sa cast ng “Prey” sina Maria Isabel Lopez, Sid Lucero,Raymond Bagatsing, Chanel Latorre, Ronnie Lazaro, Neil Ryan Sese,Kristoffer King, Mercedes Cabral, Bernard Palanca, Mon Confiado, Tado, Raymund Nullan, Angel Aquino, Perry Dizon, Rustica Carpio, Allan Paule at iba pa.

Malamang na isasali ang “Prey” sa 2011 Cannes Film Festival sa Cannes, France in May 2011.


Bukod sa singing ay binabalikan din ng singer-actor na si Ernie Garcia ang pag-arte.

Kasama si Ernie sa cast ng teleserye na “My Lover, My Wife” ng GMA-7 playing the role of Maxene Magalona’s loving and supportive father.

Ang iba pang artistang nasa cast ng “My Lover, My Wife” ay sina Luis Alandy, Marco Alcaraz at Nadine Samonte.  Sa direksyon ni Jay Altarejos.

Last month ay lumabas naman si Ernie sa isang episode ng dramatization of real stories on “Face To Face” ng TV5.

Babalikan din ni Ernie ang recording.  Upon the advice of stage director Freddie Santos (dati niyang kasamahan sa Repertory Philippines), magre-record siya ng mga kantang Tagalog na katipo ng mga kanta ni Tom Jones.  Kasalukuyan siyang nakikipag-usap sa mga composers para magpagawa ng mga kantang ganito.


Bago pa sila nagkakilala ni Ernie Garcia, dati na palang nagpo-produce si Dr. Rey Carpio ng mga beauty pageants.  Siya ang producer ng “Queen of the East” at “Philippine Super Model” contests some years ago.

Si Dr.Carpio ang producer ng pre-Valentine concert ni Ernie sa Eastwood Richmonde Hotel grand ballroom sa Libis, Quezon City, last February 12.  Pinamagatang “Ernie Garcia…Loving You”, ito’y nagtampok din kay Mark Anthony Carpio as special guest performer.

Presidente si Dr. Carpio ng Grand Monaco Estate Developers, Inc. na may 12 locations including Antipolo, Caloocan, Marikina, Novaliches, Paranaque, Pasay, Pasig, Quezon City, San Juan, Taguig and Taytay.

GMEDI maintains a pool of accredited brokers backed up by promotional strategies of putting up sales exhibits at the malls, billboards at strategic locations, saturation within the 4.6 radius of the project sites, leafleting, mobile ads and open house activities.

Grand Monaco housing projects have been selling like hot cakes.  Gross sales for 2010 reached P600-million (up from only P5-million in 2003) and tripled 2009’s performance.

ER Ejercito, gaganap na Emilio Aguinaldo!

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Sadyang napakalakas humigop ng magneto ng showbiz!  Kahit na matagumpay na sa larangan ng pulitika ang mahusay na aktor na si Jorge “E.R.” Ejercito Estregan as the incumbent Laguna Governor Emilio Ramon Ejercito, hindi niya pa rin makakalimutan ang kanyang pinagmulan:  ang pagiging artista!  Sabi nga ng isang cliche, “once an actor, always an actor!”. 

Kunsabagay, hindi naman pwedeng ipagkaila na galing sa angkan ng showbiz si ER.  Artista ang ama niyang si George Estregan, tiyuhin niyang si Joseph “Erap” Estrada at pinsan niyang si Jinggoy Estrada.  Dating film producer naman ang isa niya pang tiyuhin na si Jesse Ejercito!

Ipinahayag kamakailan lamang ni ER ang kanyang matayog na film project, ang biofilm ng first president ng Philippine Republic, si Emilio Aguinaldo na pinamamagatang “El Presidente”.  Ito ay pamamahalaan ng award-winning and prestigious filmmaker na si Tikoy Aguiluz.

Matagal na itong balak ni ER.  We still remember him telling us in previous interviews about this plan.  Katunayan nga’y may naka-frame nang tentative poster ng pelikula na nakasabit sa opisina niya sa Pagsanjan, Laguna noong siya pa ang mayor doon (ang misis niyang si Maita Sanchez-Ejercito na ang bagong mayor ng Pagsanjan).  Naka-flat top ang gupit ni ER sa poster na ‘yon na ginaya sa haircut ni Aguinaldo.

Maituturing na very ambitious ang Aguinaldo film project ni ER for two reasons:  1) a whooping 100-million pesos daw ang production budget nito, which is mega-high for an indie film!; and 2) the actress they have in mind to portray Aguinaldo’s second wife is no less than Batangas Governor Vilma Santos!

Sabi ni Aguiluz, maraming pagkukunan ng resources, support and funding ang “El Presidente”.  Nag-pledge na ang mga sumusunod:  Former Prime Minister (during Marcos era) na si Cesar Virata (grand nephew of Aguinaldo); direct living descendants of Aguinaldo; National Historical Institute (NHI); National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA); Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP); Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP); Katipunan ng mga Artistang Pilipino sa Pelikula at Telebisyon (KAPPT); SM Cinema; Robinsons Cinema; at Ayala Theaters.

Todate, ang pelikulang lokal na may pinakamataas na production cost ay ang “EMIR” ni Chito Rono na giumano’y 70-million pesos ang inabot.  Hindi ito kumita sa takilya dahil sa napabayaan sa publicity and promotion.

Ayon kay Aguiluz, may isang Pinoy-French film co-production na tapos na ang principal photography at diumano’y 100-million pesos din ang cost, ang “Prey” ni Brillante Mendoza.

Regarding Vilma Santos as ER’s leading lady, wala pa itong kumpirmasyon galing kay Santos as it would largely depend on her availability.

Bukod sa “El Presidente” ay may isa pang malaking pelikulang balak gawin ni ER Ejercito.  Ito’y ang pang-apat na remake ng “Asiong Salonga” na unang pinagbidahan ni Joseph Estrada. Wala pang detalye (final casting, budget, etc.) tungkol dito.  Ang tiyak pa lang sa ngayon ay si ER ang bida at si Tikoy Aguiluz ang direktor.


May nakilala kaming singer-composer-musician na una naming napanood na nagpakitang-gilas ng kanyang musical talent sa isang NCCT-DepED Dialogue with Media Practitioners.  He is Njel de Mesa na isa rin palang Palanca Literary Contest winner.

Katatapos lang mag-perform ni Njel de Mesa last Tuesday evening sa Conspiracy Bar sa Visayas Ave., Quezon City, na pagmamay-ari ni Pete Lacaba at ng mga kaibigan niya.

Catch Njel de Mesa tonight, February 24, sa World Trade Center, at sa Sabado, February 26 sa SM-Marikina.


Nabanggit din lang ang NCCT (National Council for Children’s Television), babanggitin na rin namin ang Executive Director nitong si Frank G. Rivera na isa ring perennial Palanca awardee, professor, award-winning author, poet, film scriptwriter, filmmaker, production designer and founding director of Marawi State University’s Sining Kambayoka.

Si Frank ay mahilig magpadala sa amin ng mga “berso sa text” kapag may okasyon.  Narito ang latest na ipinadala niya sa amin:  “May indayog ang salita / Tumatamis pa sa dila /Lumalalim pa sa akala //  Salita’y mababaw lamang / Kung damdami’y tinatakpan / Salat sa katotohanan / Gamitin man sa tulaan.// Dilang nagsisinungaling / Paglaya’y ibinibitin / Hindi sukat akalain / Inaagas ang damdamin.// Palayain ang diwa mo / Ngayong buwan ng Pebrero / Palundagin ang kuneho / Para Sining ay lumukso.// HAPPY INTERNATIONAL ARTS MONTH!