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What is #MadalingArawMahabangGabi?

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The film #MadalingArawMahabangGabi is my cinematic interpretation of everybody’s pursuit for the right level of faith and the desire to experience all kinds of love.
The journey of a hopeless romantic and a family man (Rocco Nacino & Boboy Garovillo), an illiterate and two adventurers who are lost in an unfamiliar culture and language and how they can change the world of a simple man (Bojong Fernandez, Tutti Caringal, Eric Tai & Lou Veloso), a risk-taker, an attention-seeker, and someone with a jaded perspective on life and love (Kean Cipriano, Edgar Allan Guzman & Cherie Gil), someone who seeks to belong and someone who will indulge in a little fantasy to get a little vengeance (Jerald Napoles and Boobay), those who will reconsider their sexual preference and compromise their faith to get the most out of life (Dominic Roco & Karel Marquez) as told from the perspective of those who believe that love can develop overnight (Callum David & Glaiza De Castro), the ones who question the dignity of life (Alchris Galura) and those who are willing to lose their poise to have it all (Angelica Panganiban).
Nicolas Pichay (Co-Writer, Palanca Awards Hall-Of-Famer) and Lawrence Fajardo (Editor, Cinemalaya and Urian Awardee / Amok & Posas) helped me tell these stories and how destinies can change through a long night of a pagan tradition in a 98-minute film.
It opens in Philippine theaters and available on The Filipino Channel (TFC) Pay-Per-View all over the world on November 7, 2012.
-Dante Nico Garcia, Writer/Director, #MadalingArawMahabangGabi


Ang Nawawala (What Isn’t There)

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Ang Nawawala (What Isn't There)

Gibson Bonifacio stopped speaking as a child. He is now twenty years old, returning to Manila from his studies abroad, his first visit home in three years. He finds his family trying to keep it together, his mother still hurting from a tragic loss in the past. In the backdrop of the vibrant local music scene, his childhood best friend reaches out to him, and he finds a chance at his first real romantic relationship. Amidst the holidays, Gibson reconsiders and redefines his relationships with his family, his friends, and with himself.

Awards Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival 2012 Finalist (New Breed Full-Feature Category)

Starring Dominic Roco, Felix Roco, Annicka Dolonius, Alchris Galura, Mercedes Cabral, Kelvin Yu, Jenny Jamora, Marc Abaya, Sabrina Man with Mr. Boboy Garrovillo and Ms. Dawn Zulueta

Directed By Marie Jamora

Written By Marie Jamora & Ramon De Veyra

Screenplay By Marie Jamora & Ramon De Veyra

Produced By Marie Jamora, Bernard Dacanay, Trinka Lat, Daphne O. Chiu & John Sy

Rekrut: Inspired by the Jabidah Massacre

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Rekrut poster


It was late Thursday night at Dencio’s Grill in Quezon City when I met with the cast and crew of Rekrut.  It was a far shot, I thought, when I contacted Director Danny Añonuevo at Facebook. Luckily, he sent me a text message about the interview.

And so there we were, the night inked with stars and the mood jovial.  Rekrut w

on the Best Supporting Actor (Emilio Garcia) for his portrayal of one of the lieutenants and Best Sound by Albert Michael Idioma recently at the Cinemalaya Film Festival this year.

Truthfully, I thought was going to be a typical war movie,

all gore and blood, like Saving Private Ryan. It was beyond my expections and even more.  It depicted the different lives of a group of recruited soldiers as they train to become soldiers for Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). It was inspired by the Jabidah Massacre in 1963 during the Marcos regime.

During that time, the Philippines claimed Sabah was part of their territory and was only leased but not sold to Malaysia but the latter claimed otherwise.

“The story is deep.  The time of Marcos, there was already an issue even before the Sultan gave it to Malaysia.  I didn’t do it [in a] Political [manner] because it was too long.  You need a long time to research and plenty of money. During the time of Marcos, what happened didn’t come out. But it was in Ninoy’s book and it was open to the public.  The survivor came out and went to Ninoy Aquino.  It came out during their time,” told Director Añonuevo.  He further said how he wanted to create a film where he could inject action, drama and more human interest story.


Before fighting

In Rekrut, the soldiers were suppose to train for AFP and fight in their own land but neither do they know they would be sent to a land beyond the Philippine territory. Same goes for the 1963 recruits who were supposed to be sent to Sabah.  Operation Merdeka was the destabilization program code name at that time.  The plan involved 200 Tausug and Sama Muslims from Sulu and Tawi-Tawi.

In both cases, the recruits complained about not receiving their salaries and eating the same food every day.  This led them to be sent home supposedly.  However, they were murdered before they left the island.  The military fired at them as they helplessly tried to fled from the island.

Joem Bascon the lead actor of Rekrut

Joem Bascon the lead actor of Rekrut

The sole survivor in the 1963 massacre, Jibin Arula, told the story of how they were executed by the military.  He survived when he held on to the driftwood and fishermen rescued him near the island of Cavite.

Director Añonuevo and line producer Krisma Maclang-Fajardo shared that it was the first time for a journalist to interview almost the entire cast. JM de Guzman (as Lando Dela Cruz), Rob Sy (as Waldo Palaypay), Manuel Chua (as Nikanor Tuglao), Dominic Roco (as Omar Mahadin), Maxene Magalona (as Yasmin Alura), Diomar Dyangco (as Tuan Iklali), CJ Ramos (as Ghani Amad), Eduardo Orgel, Jr. (as Shaber Aldas), Alwyn Uytingco (as Ben Ishmael), Alchris Galura (as Ulfi Majanjanay) Meko Buenaventura (as Abdul Abaza) were all there.

The cast of Rekrut with Director Danny A  ñonuevo and Line Producer   Krisma Maclang-Fajardo

The cast of Rekrut with Director Danny A ñonuevo and Line Producer Krisma Maclang-Fajardo

One could sense their brotherhood and bonding from afar.  Roco explained the cast were not that close but as they get to know each other, their bonding became stronger and it was really brotherhood in the making.It was a bit intimidating to interview a lot of actors at the same time but they were surprisingly very humble.  Emilio Garcia (Sgt. Manuel Lapus), Joem Bascon (Jamir Alura), Nar Cabico (Sajid Soliman), Acey Aguilar (Hashim Majadin), Archi Adamos (Col Mariano) and Rich Asuncion (Maribel) were not present. Instead, I called Garcia after the Cinemalaya Awards night for an interview on winning the Best Supporting Actor award.  He was very accommodating and down to earth.

JM de Guzman, CJ Ramos and Dominic Roco shows what brotherhood is all about

JM de Guzman, CJ Ramos and Dominic Roco shows what brotherhood is all about

“Unexpected. We weren’t expecting it will win. I was surprise that my name was called. It was like [the] first time again to win an award. It doesn’t changes. Still, you’ll feel nervous, your [mind] will become blank, [and] you’ll forget to thank other people.  It feels like you’re on a cloud nine or you’re floating,” explained Garcia over the phone.

Director Añonuevo was described as “rock and roll” kind of director by his actors while Garcia said the director was very cool, always in high spirits and meticulous with his work.  He was also a very, very good editor.

Lead by Rob Sy's character, the recruits jog and keep up with him

Lead by Rob Sy's character, the recruits jog and keep up with him

“You can see it in his eyes asking ‘Are you ready?’ He gives us freedom as actors.  He has [a] vision,” told de Guzman, who played one of the Christian recruit who had a long distance relationship with his girlfriend whom he left behind.

Meanwhile, director Añonuevo explained it was collaboration.  “I’ll give the situation. As an actor, they’ll do their part.  They’re easy to direct,” he elaborated.  When asked if the group was rowdy since mostly are male, Fajardo immediately said yes but nonetheless it was fun to work with them.

Even Garcia was surprised because they were passionate with their craft.  Even if they knew the salary was merely enough to cover gas.  Rekrut was shot last summer under the awful heat of the sun in Cavite.  “It’s like we were training for military.  There were no complaints from them.  We shoot at midnight, they don’t shower[and] they smell.  But they don’t complain because they love the movie.  They’re like a group of friends,” said Garcia.

In the wilderness, the boys were almost like training in real life

In the wilderness, the boys were almost like training in real life

“We [had] to be tough. The sun was so hot. It was a first time for me to be tan. We weren’t talking to each other literally. We were just looking at each other because it was so hot.  It was a whole day shooting of the truck scene,” recalled Chua.

Director Añonuevo said some of the scenes were real, especially the action scenes.  The actors showed me their scars—and yes, there were a lot.

De Guzman could attest to that by saying that “you don’t have to act from the training alone. The training was really rigorous.  You felt like you were really a soldier so every effort you put is very real.”

Lined up and ready to battle

Lined up and ready to battle

There were real AFP soldiers to train them during workshop.  One of them was sergeant Serrano. “We asked help from a sergeant from AFP, Sergeant Serrano.  He taught them the right way to hold [the gun] and drill. All you see in the movie are all real actions military officers or trainees,” shared Director Añonuevo the rigorous workshop everybody went through.  Furthermore, Garcia got stories from his military friends so he learned a lot from them on how to train his recruits.

Meanwhile, Sy who also played the other lieutenant said his preparations were so hard because he had another shoot for another project at Mt. Arayat in Pampanga and he had to go to Mt. Maragondon in Cavite.  “I was [almost] flying. It had the same schedule. It was hard. I wasn’t able to work out. I wasn’t able to do a lot of things but then it felt great that I was there to play that role. Of course, I owe everything to direk and the whole production crew,” Sy said.

Dyangco said now he understood what it took to become a soldier.  “It’s no joke to follow someone else’s orders even if it means compromising my principles.  I grew respect for them,” he said on working with Rekrut cast and crew.

Ramos played a character who wanted to do things quickly.  “I’m the one who wants to fire a gun, I want to become a soldier. In my real life, I really want to become a soldier.  When JM called me, he told me to make a movie and we’re soldiers.  I didn’t act it because I wanted to become one. It was easy for me to portray that character,” he said.  He felt that he grew older.  It was easy for him because the cast were his friends so he was comfortable.  He said his director was “gigil” to direct and director Añonuevo wanted to prove more.  He said Rekrut was a beautiful film to make.

Behind the camera amusing stories from the cast

 Definitely a thumbs up for Rekrut

Definitely a thumbs up for Rekrut

There were a lot of funny stories they shared that night.  Beginning with Garcia accidentally firing a loaded gun on Uytingco’s character, he didn’t know it was loaded.  “I shot the gun but I didn’t know there was a bullet. I stood by it.  After the take, there was a bruise on his back,” told Garcia.  Uytingco also reminisced that he was “really hurt.  I was asleep during that shot.  All of a sudden, ‘Bam!’”

Another was a scene from the film when Buenaventura’s character ate a banana—skin and all.  It fell off his head while they were eating in a square manner.  He cried because his throat hurt from eating it.  Garcia said he saw how they sacrificed their job and he won’t ever forget that.

“I’m Abdul and he loves to eat . . . The scene was good, even if it’s small, you have to do it well.  It was a good experience in Rekrut. It was my first time with Cinemalaya.  I was a theatre actor in UP,” elaborated Buenaventura.

There was another scene where the recruits swam across a lake.  “We had a scene swimming. It was edited out.  Dyomar, that time, was sick.  He didn’t tell us.  He wanted to do the scene.  Meko didn’t make it [to the other side of the lake] because it was a first time for them to swim in that place. Joem wasn’t really a swimmer.  He’s not that trained to swim,” shared Director Añonuevo.  Bascon almost drowned but thank God he didn’t.

Fajardo added that they rehearsed the swimming but Bascon admitted he didn’t swim well but still he did it without a double.  Uytingco further added also that the lake was slippery and full of rocks so it was dangerous as well.

 At the Cinemalaya Awards Night 2010

At the Cinemalaya Awards Night 2010

There was also a story when Buenaventura saw a ghost beside Dyangco who asleep.  Dyangco admitted he didn’t know. Director Anonuevo said that they had the bomb scene filmed that day so they disrupted those unseen living in the area.

The rest of the cast told their director how they wanted to play a trick on Sy because of his role as one of the very strict lieutenant in the film.  “We were planning already in the barracks. ‘Okay, take.’  We were supposed to do a ramble.  When the gun went off, he wasn’t expecting it.  So everybody went on top of him,” said Director Añonuevo.

The women in Rekrut


Dominic Roco's character during the rigorous training of soldiers

Dominic Roco's character during the rigorous training of soldiers

What would be an action film without some romance in it?  Bascon and de Guzman’s characters had love interests whom they left behind.  Magalona played Bascon’s wife while Asuncion played de Guzman’s girlfriend.

Fajardo said that it was de Guzman who recommended Asuncion for the role.  “It’s a coincidence, she’s Cebuano. I was looking for one. So he [de Guzman] referred her to us so I saw the picture and I said okay.  It was not hard for her because her role was Cebuano,” she explained.

“Our opening was supposed to open with Joem when he was saying goodbye to his wife.  That night, they made love.  The next day, it was the continuation of bravo.  We didn’t have time and we had a problem with Joem’s schedule so we didn’t [shoot] that scene,” said director Añonuevo on a scene that didn’t happen in Rekrut.


Meanwhile, Magalona shared that she got the offer at 11:30 p.m. when she was with her friends de Guzman, Uytingco and Roco.  There was no one to play her role and they had to pull out someone at 1:00 a.m. “I don’t accept indie because I feel like I wasn’t ready, I don’t know how.  I feel like I’ll be criticized.  I called my mom immediately. I thought she won’t approve because it was sudden but she said go.  She wanted me to join indie.  In the end, I said game,” recalled Magalona.

She was able to cry during the scene of receiving her husband’s letter because of her dad.  The sun was already setting so she had to do it immediately. She was pressured but she was able to do it.  She thought it wasn’t that good but she explained that “every actor feels that way after every scene but it was okay.”  But the entire Rekrut cast and crew said she did great.

Translating the script from Bisaya to Filipino

Eduardo Orgel Jr the script translator of Rekrut and one of the lead actor

Eduardo Orgel Jr the script translator of Rekrut and one of the lead actor

The entire Rekrut cast and crew applauded Orgel for doing the taxing job of translating the script from Bisaya to Filipino.  He said it was hard to translate and teach the cast with a Cebuano accent.  He was taken aback by doing so but he had to do it for them.  “There was a script that was given.  I translated quickly.  I’m proud I did it even if it was hard.  I’m thankful that [even if] the Filipinos find it hard to have a Cebuano accent but they were able to do it correctly,” he shared.

Buenaventura added that it was hard to memorize and understand.  “You just got the concept but sometimes your mind goes blank,” he said.  Uytingco added that they were able to do it correctly.


Criticism of gay role and first time Cinemalaya actors

Galura said his character was not gay but effeminate.  “As he goes through the training, he became manlier.  It was hard because I was imitating other gays.  But I also had another gay role before at Cinemalaya too.  A lot of people said it wasn’t convincing as gay so I got nervous.  Hopefully this time I can do it and act like a girl,” he said on his role as Ulfi Majanjanay.

It was Chua’s first time also to do an indie film.  He was among the two Christians in the cast apart from Lando (played by de Guzman). “One time, I fought for him.  I was a Christian and brave.  They said there are no Muslims that are cowards so I showed them no Christians [are cowards],” he said.

The Rekrut film was a success and same goes for the bonding between the cast and crew of the film.  Their friendship goes beyond the film and director Añonuevo said if he decides to create another film in the future, hopefully his Rekrut cast will also be there. it will be shown either in September or October in local theaters and also compete in the Montreal World Film Festival.

Tatlo lang pala ang ipinayo at hiniling ng Cinemalaya na bisitang artista sa press launch

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Eduardo Orgel Jr and Joem Bascon

Ayon kay Dennis Adobas, hindi na nga niya pinapunta sina Kristoffer King at si Eduard Orgel na mga bituin sa “Ang Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio” at “Rekrut,” respectively, dahil nga sa kautusan.

Nais pa nga niyang imbitahan ang isa pang malaking bituin sa “Ang Paglilitis ni Andre Bonifacio” na isang seksing aktor pero napag-isip-isip niyang baka hindi makapasok ang aktor samantalang handang-handa ang bituing ito sampu ng kanyang manager na dumalo sa presscon.

“Bumili pa nga ng magagandang damit ‘yong manager niya para sa presscon pero hindi na nga nakapunta. Pero sana, pinayagan na nila kahit na ilan para naman makadagdag sa glamour and glitz ng occasion,” pahayag ni Dennis.

Mga nakakaintrigang eksena sa 6th Cinemalaya presscon at ang pagbubukas ng Met ngayong araw na ito



KUNG nakakapanood kayo ng mga balita tungkol sa naganap na presscon para sa pagpapakita ng trailer, mga artista at filmmaker sa madla na kasali sa ika-6 na Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, halimbawa’y sa mga newscast nina Mario Dumaual sa ABS-CBN o ni Nelson Canlas sa GMA Network, marami pang naganap sa likod ng kamera na hindi nasaksihan ng balana.

Halimbawa ay ang pag-amin ni Irma Adlawan, pangunahing bituin sa pelikulang “Vox Populi,” isa sa mga full length feature na kategorya, na hiwalay na talaga sila ni Dennis Marasigan.

Matagal ding mag-asawa sina Irma at Dennis pero sa ngalan ng propesyunalismo ay magkasama sila sa pelikula.

Mahusay na artista si Adlawan at magaling namang direktor si Marasigan kaya naman kahit hiwalay na sila ay makinis at maayos ang kanilang pagsasama sa obra.

“Kahit noon pa, si Irma na talaga ang nasa isip ko na artista sa ‘Vox Populi.’ Kahit na nagkaproblema kami, walang kaso ‘yon. Para sa kanya talaga ang role na ‘yon,” wika ni Dennis.

Ayon kay Irma, “everything has an end” na patungkol sa kanilang personal na ugnayan ni Marasigan pero ayon sa mag-asawa, walang ibang lalaki o babae na sangkot sa isyu.


Tirso Cruz III

Tirso Cruz III

Rekrut Poster

Rekrut Poster



Nagreklamo rin nga umano si Gil M. Portes sa kalakarang tatlong bituin lang ang puwedeng sumama sa press launch samantalang maraming malalaking artista ang gusto niyang isama.

Pero tulad ng dapat asahan, ang ibang produksyon at lahok ay sumobra sa tatlo kataong bituin ang dumating tulad ng “Sigwa” ni Joel Lamangan na sina Zsa Zsa Padilla, Mon Confiado na kasama rin sa “Two Funerals” ni Gil, Dawn Zulueta, Tirso Cruz III, Marvin Agustin, Meagan Young at Lovi Poe na nasa okasyon din dahil bida rin siya sa “Mayohan” ni Dan Villegas at ni Paul Sta. Ana.

Ang “Rekrut” ay sobra rin sa tatlong aktor at aktres ang dumatal dahil nandoon sina Eduard Orgel, Dominic Roco, Joem Bascon, Maxene Magalona at marami pang iba.

Mga bagets na lalaki ang karamihan sa mga recruit na military trainee kaya nandoon sila at nakibahagi sa presscon at ipinagmamalaki ang kanilang obra.


Napanood na namin ang “Faculty” ni Jerrald Tarog sa ANC sa pamamagitan ng proyektong “AmBIsyon 2010” kung saan isa sa mga lahok ang pelikula ng filmmaker pero ito ay kasali rin sa Cinemalaya.

Ano nga ba ang alituntunin sa pagkakasali sa “Faculty” dahil ang lumalabas ay dalawa ang prodyuser nito, ang ANC at ang Cinemalaya?

Hindi nga ba’t naglagak din ng pera ang Cinemalaya sa mga short film feature category?

Pero ayon kay Jerrald, walang pakialam ang ANC kung ipalabas niya ito sa Cinemalaya at sa iba pang film festival.

“Mas maganda nga sabi ng ANCna maraming venue for its showing,” sabi ni Tarog na isa ring musical director.

Cinemalaya 2010’s “Rekrut” tackles war during Marcos Regime in the 60’s

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From one of the established names in the advertising and movie industries, Danny Añonuevo, comes a movie of courage and brotherhood.

“Rekrut” follows the journey of twelve young men as they undergo grueling challenges in the hope of being proud Filipino soldiers in Mindanao during the Marcos Regime of the 60’s.

“Rekrut” tells a story about how this group recruited soldiers forms a brotherhood that is bound by courage, hope and love forgotten as each of them wage their greatest war; A battle against themselves.

Their intense military training brings them closer and yet, the very officers who made them into soldiers will put this bond to the ultimate test.

“Rekrut” is one of the 10 official entries in the Full Length Feature Film category of the 6th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival happening on July 9 to 18, 2010.

The entry promises to be an action-packed war film with tons of ‘barako’ all throughout. Actually, Añonuevo’s movie is on the tip of everyone’s tongue and all abuzz in the local showbiz industry because of one titillating scene where the actors are filmed “skinny-dipping.”

The film showcases the acting talents of Emilio Garcia, Joem Bascon, JM de Guzman, Eduardo Orgel Jr. Alwyn Uytingco, CJ Ramos, Alchris Galura, Dominic Roco, Manuel Chua Jr. Rob Sy, Nar Cabico, Acey Aguilar, Meko Buenaventura, Diomar Dyanco, Archi Adamos with the special participation of Maxene Magalona and Rich Asuncion.

“Rekrut” marks the film directorial debut of Danny Añonuevo, who’s an award-winning film editor. He was the editor of films like ‘Baler’, ‘Ded Na Si Lolo’, ‘Crying Ladies’, ‘La Visa Loca’, ‘Banal’ and ‘Ploning.’

Felix Roco, nagrerebelde sa amang si Bembol Roco?!

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Felix Roco

Felix Roco

KARAPATAN NI FELIX Roco sakali mang itanggi niya ang chikang nagkatensiyon sa shooting ng indie film niyang Pendong, isang road trip movie nila nina Alwyn Uytingco at Will Devaughn, directed by Sean Lim. Pinabulaanan ng young actor na may namumuong alitan sa kanila ng dad niyang si Bembol Roco.

Unang kumalat kasi ang sitsit na hindi pala in good terms sina Felix at Bembol, at sa nasabing set nga nadiskubre ng staff ang tampuhan ng mag-ama. Sa presscon ng Rosalka, kung saan leading man si Felix ng inilulunsad ng Kapamilya network to full stardom na si Empress, dito binomba ng press si Felix sa isyung awayan nila ng amang si Bembol.

Halatang nagulat si Felix sa mga tanong ng press. Magkaganoon man, inamin nitong ilang taon na palang hiwalay ang ama niya sa ina nito. Eh, bakit ngayon lang ito na-leak sa media?

“Wala naman pong nagtatanong siguro noon,” say ni Felix, na umaming naging masama ang loob sa ama noong naghiwalay sila ng ina nito, pero ang mahalaga raw ay okey na sila ngayon.

Hindi rin umano sure si Felix kung nag-asawa na ng iba ang amang si Bembol. Ang mahalaga raw, lately ay nag-uusap na raw sila, at ‘yun ang mahalaga. Itinanggi rin nitong nagrerebelde siya sa pangyayaring ito sa buhay niya kaya siya nagyoyosi na at nagpa-tattoo, na ayaw na ayaw ni Bembol.

Mukhang malayo pa ang itatakbo ng isyung ito, magge-guest pa si Felix sa ABS-CBN talk shows to promote Rosalka, kaya sana ay maging consistent siya sa kanyang mga pahayag.

Leading man din ni Empress si Matt Evans sa newest teleserye ng Dos, kung saan kasama rin sa cast sina Dominic Ochoa (from pari sa May Bukas Pa ay rapist na dito), ang veteran actress na si Mila del Sol, Bernard Palanca, Justin Cuyugan, etc.

Ang pelikulang “Rekrut” kaya ng ika-6 na Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival

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Emilio Garcia

Emilio Garcia

Cast of Rekrut

Cast of Rekrut- Meko Buenaventura, Acey Aguilar, Eduard Orgel Jr, Rob Sy, Diomar Dyangco and Jm De Guzman

Magkaroon din ng pagkakataon na makilala sa ibang bansa?

Pinangungunahan ito nina Emilio Garcia, Dominic Roco at marami pang iba.

Ipinakikilala rito siu Eduardo Orgel na dating assistant ng kontrobersyal na direktor na si Jowee Morel sa Outline Films.

Ang peryodistang pampelikula na si Dennis Adobas ang instrumento sa pag-aartista ni Orgel at ito ang nagsabi sa baguhan na mag-audition sa pelikula ng Cinemalaya.

May isang pelikula ang 6th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival na kinukunan pa sa kasalukuyan na kalahok sa sampung naglalaban-laban sa full length feature, ang “Rekrut” na tungkol sa mga nagsusundalo sa Pilipinas.

Tampok dito sina Emilio Garcia, Dominic Roco at marami pang iba.

Ipinakikila rito si Eduard Orgel na alaga na ng peryodistang pempelikula na si Dennis Adobas.

Si Dennis din ang instrumento kung bakit nakapasa sa pelikula si Eduard.

Dating assistant ng kontrobersyal na direktor na si Jowee Morel si Eduard.


Bukod kina Linda at Carpio, naiuwi rin ng “Lola” ang Best Cinematography para kay OdysseyFlores.

Maganda talaga ang potograpiya ng kabuuang obra ni Brillante na nagwagi rin ng Our Lady Harmiguada de Oro o Grand Prize.

Biruin mo na halos maani lahat ng pelikulang ito ang mahahalagang gantimpala sa isa sa mga pangunahin at prestihiyosong pestibal sa Europa at sa buong mundo.

Nauna rito, noong isang linggo rin ay nakamit din ng “Lola” ang Grand Jury Prize sa 2010 Miami International Film Festival sa Miami, Florida.

Nakamtan ni Brillante ang halagang $25,000 bilang premyo kaya milyonaryo na naman siya at ipinagmamalaki pa ang Pilipinas sa kanyang tagumpay.


Kung ang “Lola” nga sana ang ipinadala ng FAP sa Oscars, mas malamang kaysa hindi, napasok man lang ito kahit hindi manalo sa finalists o baka nanalo pa nga sa Best Foreign Language Film category.

Pero sana ay nakinig ang FAP kay Dante kahit na interest ng filmmaker ang nakasalalay sa pagpapadala ng lahok ng Pilipinas sa Hollywood.

Kabisado na kasi ni Dante Mendoza ang pulitika sa showbiz sa buong mundo kaya alam niya ang pasikut-sikot o rikotitos ng pagpili ng mga takbo ng utak ng mga taga-Hollywood.

Hindi naman ibig sabihin na may pulitika ay masama na.

Ang pulitikang kaugnay rito ay ang kustombre ng mga pumipili ng mga dayuhang lahok sa Oscars at hindi ito dispalanghado kundi katotohanan ng buhay roon.

Kung may pulitika man ay magaganda ang pinagpipiliang lahok at pamilyar na ang AMPAS.